A Hill Station


Lonavala is well-known tourist place being most easily accessible from Pune and Mumbai the capital cities of Maharashtra state a healthy atmosphere and beautiful sites in the ghats of Sahyadri is the main attraction of tourist, especially in the monsoon season.
previously this place was famous for spending the summer season due to the atmospherical conditions. However, in present days the cloudy climate and
heavy showers of monsoon are calling every now and then to the admirers of natural beauty. Thus unlike other resorts, Lonavala welcomes tourists during all the seasons. Especially during monsoon when other hill stations in Maharashtra are abandoned- that Lonavala attains the pinnacle of glory and attracts the largest number of tourist.
Besides climate which is common to all hill resorts, Lonavala environment offers a package deal of exciting experiences from vistas of awesome valleys and enchanting baths in seasonal falls to a glimpse into the counties rich cultural past through ornately carved cave shrines. perhaps no other hill resort can match the wide range of attractions that Lonavala offers the visitors. the Mumbai-Pune-madras trunk railway line passing through the resort has added yet another colorful dimension to Lonavala scenic splendor.
it is a unique site when the train emerges from a tunnel and enters another while thundering along serpentine tracks. thanks to the railway Lonavala Khandala twin resorts are never dull they are perennially bristling with life. ironically, while Lonavala is visited by a large number of tourists, finer aspects of its beauty are still unknown to many. we have endeavored here to unfold many less known facts of the gem that is Lonavala.


you fall in love with Khandala at first scene, even before you can fully enjoy the vista with the imposing duke’s nose to your right, and the luxurious valley ahead, you plunge into the darkness of the 200-meter long tunnel. it provides a dramatic indulge and as you emerge out, you enter a different world, away from the hustle bustle of the city of life. driving along the edge of the spectacular gorge for a few minutes till you reach a junction at the entrance of Khandala village.
for visitors arriving by train, it is preferable to descend at Khandala station, a charming little halt nestling in the laps of as wooden hill where the trains take a breath after climbing the ghat and before reaching Lonavala. there are convenient trains from Pune to skip Lonavala and proceed straight to Khandala, particularly for those who make days dash, we would recommend Khandala station to save time.
tourists coming by road from Pune can drive further beyond Lonavala town to reach Khandala. there are numerous upcountry buses passing through Khandala, but tourists cannot take advantage of this service for want of request stops at convenient points. it is high time the st allows a request stop at Rajmachi point for all buses between Mumbai and Maharashtra inter land passing through Khandala.
groups of tourists from Mumbai & Pune usually descend at Lonavala station and walk down the highway to Khandala. we have already recommended descending at Khandala to avoid delays but if one deserves an enjoyable walk, the busy highway that caters to a very heavy vehicular traffic which is hardly an attraction for the city folks who crave for a leisurely stroll amid beautiful scenery, for them we would suggest an alternative route.

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