Lonavala hotels

there are two main options you have for the stay in Lonavala.
1)Hotel Room
2)Rent Bungalow


too many hotels you will find in Lonavala which costs you from 500 per night. you can choose from budget hotel to five-star hotels.

you can see hotels at each and every are of Lonavala. But one thing keeps in your mind if you are planning to come in monsoon then please book your hotel in advance because the monsoon is the best season to come to Lonavala and tons of people visits here in this period that’s why you can face problems in search of hotels.

lonavala bungalow

Nowadays no of peoples are started to renting bungalows. if you are coming with a group of large no of people or family then this is best for you, because it gives you more privacy and freedom.
if you are going to rent a bungalow the there is the big plus point you get “Open space” yes you get open space where nobody going to disturb you, you can play outdoor there or you can do a bonfire. and if you are ready to spend more you can get swimming pool too.

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