bedsa caves

Bedsa caves are little out of way and are visited by very, few tourists. one has to reach Kamshet on the Pune Lonavala section of the highway. 14.5 km from Lonavala & 46 km from Pune. pune-Lonavala local trains also halt at Kamshet.

you walk through a narrow 2-meter wide opening hewn into 6-meter high rock and walk for nearly 10 meters to reach the cave. at the entrance are two huge columns exquisitely carved from top to bottom. as you enter the cave the pilaster on your right has figures of a couple- the woman seated elegantly on a fine horse. she is wearing immaculate jewelry and her garments to are tasteful. you can notice one of the males toying with his mate’s copious hair. pilaster on the left show couples astride elephants, while on one column you see the male teasing his spouse and trying to drag her by the wrist, another shows a similar situation vice versa. it is believed that genuine ivory was used to show elephants tusks. it has been removed by unscrupulous elements and today we find only holes in place of tusks.

the chaitya hall is 14 meters deep and 6 meters wide. the second principle cave in Bedsa complex 32 feet deep & 18 feet wide, which must have been the dwelling place of priests. carving are conspicuous by their absence in living hall. in recent years, an idol of goddess Yammai has been installed here by local devotees.