Bhaja Caves

bhaja caves

Bhaja caves are contemporaries of Karla but much smaller, yet they are perhaps more artistic than even the famous Karla. Although they are less frequented by the tourists. You go to leave from the road junction on the highway to reach Karla road to the right from the same junction takes you to Malavali railway station, the first halt for local & passenger trains, 8 km. from Lonavala towards Pune. There are no local buses connecting Malavali with Lonavala. Tourists who do not have vehicles, therefore, can reach Malavali by Lonavala-Pune locals. Coming by road, Malavali station in about 2 km. From the highway, and 9 km. From Lonavala by road. You go past the Malavali station to the picturesque Malavali village. A 3 km circular road taking you to Bhaja village at the back of the hill. One can drive one’s vehicle up to Bhaja. From the village begins the 80-meter climb to the caves. There are 18 caves, twelfth being a chaitya hall with the finest carving in the caves complex. The first cave appears to be the dwelling of the master architect while 10 others are viharas of priests. Remaining 7 caves have inscription is captivated by 13 slopping pillars on both sides of the chaitya supporting the ceiling. The hall a smaller Pagoda than that of Karla. Little was to the south of the twelfth cave is a group of 14 Pagodas.

some sheltered some sheltered with excavation, others exposed Bhaja has ornate carvings showing a prince on an elephant, and also on a chariot, escorted by armed guards. some caves are hewn into the rock below the ground level and can be inspected only with the out of torch ages.