Kune Point

kune fall

Kune is among the less frequented places in Khandala but undoubtedly among the best. it is a must during the monsoon when the rain falls that you see while entering Khandala from Mumbai it assumes ferocious dimensions.

the road to Kune branches off the highway near the bungalow of miss nazir near milestone 72/1 about 4 km from Lonavala. this is just a few minutes to the right of the place you emerge on the highway from the old Khandala road. from the Khandala side, it is about a 20 minutes walk from the village.

the road slopes down sharply and crosses a brook to start climbing up again. take the road to the left and climb up for about 5 minutes when you reach the campus of Kune mission proceed further, keeping in mind that you are now passing through private land and reach a sprawling meadow to your left. walk carefully across the meadow the edge of the cliff. it is about an hours walk from the highway.

you get a breath-taking view of the Kune fall during the monsoon when tonnes and tonnes of water thunder down the lofty cliff into the abyss to give birth to the riotous little Ulhas river. interestingly it is the same river which blossoms into a tranquil and mature adult near Kalyan.

and there looms ahead of you – dominating the skyline the majestic duke’s nose. one gets perhaps the best view of this imposing landmark of Khandala from Kune point. it is a large rock jutting out of the plateau, rising higher than its surroundings some witty soldiers stationed here during the British Raj found its resemblance with the nose of the iron duke – the Duke of Wellington since then the duke’s nose become synonymous with Khandala. the raj is the thing of the past, but the Pleateu it still there with its prominent nose projecting rather definitely in the sky & don’t you notice a cryptic smile on his face a la Monalisa style?
while we shower superlative on Kune point, let us caution you that is dangerous to get too close to the precipice it is an absolutely undeveloped spot, with no railing during the monsoon, orchids sprawling across the meadow are delightful but it would at the same time be prudent to watch your steps while treading through grass.