Lions Point

lions point lonavala
Celebrate the blissful arenas at India’s famous Lions Point Lonavala

Respect nature’s grandness and all surrounding scenes from tiger point lonavala alongside
Lion’s Point, a windy spot 650 m (2,133 ft) above ocean level. You can see many little
waterfalls spouting out of the wobbly bluffs, green cone shaped slopes, and beautiful
Western Ghats from that point. Monkeys and bulls will stay with you at the spot, in all odds
looking forward for something to eat, as many tourists stop by to feed these amazing
creatures of nature. Little merchants sell tea, cold beverages, bhutta, and snacks, so you
should simply bring a decent pair of shoes for the tough trip.

Lonavala is situated in the western area within the province of Maharashtra, in the western
area of India. It is set among the slopes of the Sahyadri mountain extended and arranged
106 km southeast of Mumbai at a height of 625 m above ocean level. From lonavala station
to tiger point cab is available and the rates vary each season.

The climate in Lonavala is lovely. Summers (April-June) are gentle; while winters are; cool
(November-February). It encounters substantial southwestern rainstorm drains between
June and September. Lonavala gives an all-encompassing perspective on the lavish green
surroundings of the Sahyadri ranges. The quiet vicinity of the town, which gives an
astonishing exit from routine stress around the city, pulls in sightseers to this spot. Explorers
can go for a leisurely walk along the pour, the green wealth and rise in and around Lonavala.
The hilly landscape of Lonavala is perfect for trekking and climbing.

The fact is that several people visit the splashes of water in the main a cliff situated between
Bhushi Dam and Amby Valley. Visitors can equally get a on the wing of the serene viewpoint
on the Tungarli Lake and Dam from here. The flawless outlook on the profound valley with
rich greenery and various cascades make your heart think twice or two. The 12 kilometre
drive from Lonavala to achieve Lion's Point takes you through an energizing background
with sharp bends and beautiful scenes. Once up there, prepare yourself to confront
exceptionally solid breezes.

Amid rainstorm, you will have a hypnotizing session with the mists streaming over and
around you limiting perceivability however expanding the radiant inclination you experience
here. The tiger point lonavala timings begin from morning until evening also the dawn and
nightfall sees from here are entrancing. The spot, to put it plainly, is a nature darling's
definitive dream goal.

lions point lonavala

Climate: Summer 21°C to 34°C Winter 13°C to 30°C

How to reach
At a separation of 12 km from Lonavala Railway Station, Lion's Point is a vantage point
found halfway between Bhushi Dam and Aamby valley in Lonavala. It is one of the famous
perspectives in Lonavala and furthermore among the must visit puts in Lonavala. The view
from the sunrise time at tiger point lonavala is magnificent and all encompassing. One
would see many little cascades, lavish green slopes and lakes around amid rainstorm
season. The dawn and dusk sees from here are hypnotizing. The breeze is very solid at this
spot and it was very exciting to see abundant courageous folks draw near to the edge to get
'that' living-on-the-edge photo. The drive to the fact of the matter is additionally similarly
The Shiv-ling crest is a cone shaped pinnacle can be seen towards the left half of Lion’s
Timings: 6 AM – 6 PM

lions point lonavala

Best time to go
The best time to visit tiger point lonavala at night between the long periods of October and
May. It is prompted not to visit Lonavala in the rainstorm season between the long periods
of June and September, as it encounters overwhelming rainfall accompanied by this present
time. It’s wonderful, less confirmed and less crowded. By less verified I mean, there’s no
wall around and one ought to be cautious. In any case, the breeze blows like anything over
you can stay there for a significant time-span and hours without understanding the time
glides by.

The tiger leap point lonavala enables you to wear your sports shoes while going out to the
point as there are many glass pieces in transit, through by the awkward visitor and
drunkards. Therefore, a spot intended to appreciate the nature with complete solitudes.