Lonavala Lake

lonavala lake

Going beyond Ryewood about 1.5 km from the town, one comes across a lovely little lane which opens out on the expensive Lonavala lake, among the three reservoirs of the Tata hydroelectric company in Lonavala vicinity. it is a shallow lake that dries up after winter and converts into a huge playground.

lonavala dam3
Lonavala lake
lonavala lake2

During summer a bullock cart race is held in the basin. in fact, the lake is utilized mainly to conserve water contents in the other two major reservoirs namely Valvan & Shirota.

During monsoon run of rainwater is impounded in Lonavala lake and is funneled into the grid to keep turbines at the Khopoli powerhouse running. meanwhile, water is stored in Valvan & Shirota to the optimum level to be harnessed for power generation during the post-monsoon months.