Monkey Hill

monkey hill

One can drive further from the reversing station to the Monkey Hill, 1 km away. Crossing the elevation and passing above the bridge, one enters an alley curved into the hillside which once carried the railway line to the reversing station. it is an unmetalled motorable road now. the dusty road curves to the left and passes through thick foliage for quite a distance to come out on to an open plateau. turning right, you reach the signalman’s cabin at monkey hill even a walk along the road is enchanting. you pass under an endless canopy of trees along the edge of the edge of the huge mountain wall at the base of which is Khopoli town.

you can reach monkey hill by a pathway from the other side of the hill directly from the sunset point. this is a much shorter route for those going about Khandala on foot as the highway slides down from the sunset point and takes a sharp left turn, you see the pathway partly hidden in thick undergrowth. it is a wonderful walk, but one must be hidden in thick undergrowth. it is a wonderful walk, but one must be careful at every step. A little slip can take you down into the Ulhas river bed.

Trains rolling down the ghat from Khandala take a breath at monkey hill to test their brake system. it is a familiar halt for regular commuters of Sinhgad & Deccan express trains. An entire brigade of Langoors swoops down on the train from the branches of neighboring trees and press you to part with the crumbs from your breakfast. you are introduced to the whole family – from the daddy O & his harem to the young ones clinging to their mothers.

you get a closer view of Rajmachi Fort from Monkey Hill, On le another side, Khopoli presents a Picturesque sight.