Rajmachi Fort

rajmachi fort

There is a path to go to Rajmachi from Kune gaon which goes to Della Adventure first and then fort. it is a 12km. trek winding through undulating terrain. there is no sign of human habitation on the route. Halfway to the fort, you encounter a junction, where be careful to take the path to the left. one also has to cross a stream which is rather difficult to negotiate during the monsoon. you skirt the valley and reach the hamlet at the base. There is a large tank which supplies drinking water to villages all the year round one can camp at an ancient temple of Bhaireshwar situated on an elevation between Manoranjan & Srivardhan. about 60 hectors in size. villagers here are a helpful lot and serve food to hikers camping at the temple.

Of the twin forts, then one on the east is Srivardhan and on the west is Manoranjan, 725 & 800 meters above sea level respectively. as already mentioned, it is a sheer drop of nearly 700 meters from the forts to the bottom of the valley. from the temple, one approaches the ramparts of Srivardhan. there is a Buddhist cave near the entrance. Structure dating back to the Peshwa days are clustered around there are a couple of tanks with perennial water, one of these having an inscription commemorating the visit of Shivaji Maharaj to the fort during a warm October Manoranjan can be approached from the other end of Bhairavnath temple. this too has a cluster of remain ants and a tank with perennial water.

One gets a breathtaking view of the valley and the Khandala neighboring beyond almost the entire ghat section of the railway complete with the tunnel is seen from the fort it is a treat watching trains crawling into the tunnel and the distance is so great that they appear no bigger than worms.