Rajmachi Point

rajmachi point

for family groups who can not venture into the wildness along the unbeaten path, Rajmachi point affords a convenient rendezvous. it is ideally situated right along the highway and has a park as well as a canteen Rajmachi point is at the far end of Khandala, 6.5 km from Lonavala st stand where the highway turns left and dives into the bor that.

there is a small rock garden with railing & benches along the edge of the horseshoe valley. the garden commands a captivating vista of the valley on one side and the Rajmachi fort on the other side. a full view of Kune falls during the rainy season inspires awe. a number of other falls are scattered around to enhance the majesty of the Kune falls.

Rajmachi means the ‘royal terrace’ is a twin fort Srivardhan & Manoranjan – 725 & 800 meters above sea level respectively which served as outposts of the Marathas.

rajmachi point

Nana Phadanvis, the great statesman, had realized the strategic importance of the fort to keep a watch on mischievous Britishers who had already entrenched themselves in Mumbai. it is steep descent of nearly 700 meters from the fort to the bottom of the valley, which is barely 60 meters above the sea level. an easier path to the fort is available from Kune Gaon.

Behind the canteen is a pathway which leads you to the temple of Waghjai visited by devotees from neighboring villages. behind at the bring of the plateau, it is also a favorite haunt of tourists and particularly picnickers.